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8 Machinery St
Darra QLD 4076


(07) 3375 1464

Opening Times:

Monday:8am - 5pm
Tuesday:8am - 5pm
Wednesday:8am - 5pm
Thursday:8am - 5pm
Friday:8am - 4pm
Saturday:8am - 12pm

A little about us...

We are a climate control specialty store. We have been selling and manufacturing wood heaters for over 35 years but needed something to help in the Warmer Months (Fire Places in Brisbane are not always people's top priority during the Summer!). We tried a few brands but ended up with Fujitsu as they are the most reliable Air Conditioner on the Market and Fujitsu stand by their product. This gave us the confidence that if there were any issues with the Air Conditioner it could be sorted out quickly to not disadvantage our customers. We are a small family business so we care about customer service and making sure our customers are happy with the decision they make.

But Enough about us, let's talk about you.

Whilst we may look like a wood heater store our Air Conditioning knowledge is second to none. When you come in to our showroom you can expect to be able to discuss your Air Conditioning needs with a knowledgeable Air Conditioner consultant who will work with you to identify your needs and requirements. We will do up a personalised quote and discuss all the potential charges for installation. We will also discuss the available rebates and their pros and cons. If this is all to your satisfaction we organise the installation at a time and date suitable for you.