Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Why would you choose to buy from us?
There are so many choices for Air Conditioning suppliers and installers so we often get asked what make us any different. The difference is simple: we care. We are not wanting to sell you the latest gadget or just move units we are serious in making sure you get the right product at the right price. This website has been specifically designed to make buying an Air Conditioner as easy as possible and to answer all the questions you might have.
Do you come out to quote?
The short answer is we try not to. Quoting Air Conditioning for the majority of houses is not difficult and with a set of house plans and some questions we can do the majority of quotes over the phone or in store. If you come in store we can actually show you the models. Anyone who quotes has to cover their costs. You might not notice it at first but to sustain a quoting model you do need to be able to pay the person who is doing the quote. We would prefer to pass this saving on to you so you get the benefit.

The way our model works is if you are happy with the price and what we discuss as installation we arrange a time for an installer to come out and install. They then confirm the quote and if there are any differences they will advise you on the day. If there are unforeseen circumstances that mean we are unable to install your air conditioner, the amount will be refunded accordingly.

Why do we choose to work with Fujitsu?
Here at Mr Stoves we've been involved in the installation and supply of air conditioning for over 10 years and during that time we've stocked a variety of different air conditioners. Over time we found that the most effective and reliable air conditioner is a Fujitsu and it's for this reason that we have specialised in the highest quality range of air conditioners available.


I know a plumber/electrician can he install my Air Conditioner?
Government requirements specify that only people appropriately licensed can install Air Conditioning systems. Plumbers and electricians can get a certificate 2 licence (provided they have had the appropriate training) which allows them to install split system air conditioners up to 18kW.
Why do installers need to be licensed?
As with most professions, you need to be trained to do the job properly, this is why it is law that all Air Conditioning installers who handle refrigerant have the correct licence to do these jobs. By choosing Mr Stoves to install your heater, you can rest assured that they have met the licensing requirements of the Australian Refrigeration Council.
If I want to replace an old Air Conditioner with a new Fujitsu, is this possible and does it cost extra?
Yes, replacing your current air conditioner with a new Fujitsu is still a relatively simple process. Your old air conditioner units will simply be completely removed before your new Fujitsu is installed. The removal of your old air conditioner does; however, add an additional $100 to the price of your installation. This includes the decanting and registered disposal of the air conditioning gas which is a state level requirement in Queensland.


What maintenance is required from me for my new Air Conditioner?
At a minimum you need to clean and maintain the air filters for the indoor unit of your air conditioner as any build-up of dust or dirt will restrict airflow. Please ask your installer to give you a demonstration on how to take care of your air conditioner.
What sorts of things are covered under warranty?
Fujitsu's 5 year domestic warranty covers damage, faults or malfunctions of Fujitsu air conditioners installed in homes around Australia provided the Air Conditioner has been installed in accordance with the Installation Manual and the Warranty Card. The Warranty does not cover any issues which are caused by improper installation of the product.
What sorts of things aren't covered under warranty?
The 5 year parts and labour warranty does not cover faults which have been caused due to the product being installed incorrectly or not in accordance with the Installation Manual. The warranty also does not cover the use of consumable items such as batteries or general maintenance such as filter cleaning.
How durable is the outdoor unit to sun/wind/rain/salt?
Fujitsu's Outdoor Units are designed to live outside your home, as long as they have been installed and secured correctly these units can withstand day to day wind, rain and sun. Fujitsu have also coated all of their Outdoor Unit coils with Blue-Fin Treatment, which will minimise corrosion to the coil from rain and sea spray.


What is a Fujitsu Inverter Air Conditioner?
Fujitsu Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle wider extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.
What happens if the unit is too small for the room?
If a unit is too small for the room, the unit will be required to operate harder to achieve and maintain the desired temperature, which may cause extra wear and tear on its components and increase running costs. Please use the unit selector to help you choose the right air conditioner for you.
What happens if the unit is too large for the room?
Fujitsu air conditioners work by cooling an area as well as removing the excess moisture in the air. An excessively sized unit will rapidly cool the area before it can adequately eliminate moisture - resulting in a clammy, uncomfortable room with an air conditioner that is using more power than required.